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Aspire Alternative Provision

Vision and Values

Our vision

Our vision is to provide amazing educational experiences for children who face challenges in succeeding at mainstream school. The life and work of our schools and services is underpinned by our core principles of safe-love-learn – we make it our priority to ensure that pupils feel secure and valued and ready to fulfil their potential.

Our values

Our Aspire values can be seen in the quality of our relationships which are based on respect for all and an understanding that we are all valued.

At Aspire our values are “lived not laminated”: we live them every day, which means we can never be silent about challenging things.


  • I am clear and calm in all my communication.
  • I listen to others.
  • I always consider “What if this was my child?”


  • I practice gratitude with my colleagues.
  • I have aspirations & high expectations of all.


  • Every day is a fresh start.
  • I do not hold grudges.


  • I own my mistakes in an open & honest way.
  • I do what I say.
  • I understand how my emotions affect my behaviour.


  • I show up every day.
  • I do not give up on students and others.
  • I work towards the vision of aspire.


  • I practice kindness.
  • I am generous in my interpretation of others.
  • I am empathetic.
  • I try to bring out the best in others.

Growth Mindset

  • I am a learner.
  • I take risks.
  • When there is a setback, I am able to identify key learning for development.