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Aspire Alternative Provision

Home Tuition

Aspire's Home Tuition service provides education for primary and secondary school aged children who are unable to attend mainstream school due to their medical health needs, be they physical, mental or emotional.

Referrals should be made by the child's school, through the usual referral process. As part of this process, medical evidence from a medical consultant, GP or CAMHS must be provided.

We will seek advice from the child's current school to establish the amount, pattern and location of the tuition, in addition to supporting their plan for reintegration back into mainstream school. Students are taught on a one to one basis in or small groups, meaning that staff can focus on developing positive, trusting relationships with students, and are able to highly personalise the teaching and be responsive to student needs.

Where possible, subject specialists will work with the pupil in their home, at an approved council premises, at the school rooms in the Aylesbury Aspire site, or in their mainstream school as part of their reintegration. Online learning is also part of the Home Tuition offer ensuring contact with highly vulnerable students is maintained.

The curriculum offer is broad and, as far as possible, matches the mainstream school curriculum. It is ambitious in terms of the range of qualifications offered to students, and the wider ambitions held by staff in terms of re-engaging students with learning, encouraging student personal development and independence and widening their horizons and aspirations.

Formative assessment is ongoing and continuous, taking into account physical, medical and emotional condition, and is used to inform planning and support student progress. Formal assessment is undertaken in line with the mainstream school, where possible, and where appropriate, Year 11 students sit mock exams.