Aspire Staged Support Offer

Half-day Early Intervention Programme

Half day early intervention programme in Schools with groups of 6/8 students:

Outline of Programme
This programme runs for one half day per week for up to an eight week period and is based at the school site, led by Aspire staff and involves up to 8 students. The programme will be co-created with the school but could cover areas such as self-awareness, building confidence, developing a growth mindset and thinking under pressure.

Desired  Outcomes

This is an early intervention programme and intended outcomes would be agreed with the school; however, they will include an improvement in behaviour and attendance, and re-engagement with learning.

Required Involvement from Schools

An initial meeting will be held to agree the co-design of the programme, respective responsibilities as captured in a Statement of Commitment and the data and feedback needed in order to evaluate the impact of the programme.

Cost of Programme

The number of sessions can be tailored to fit the half term and the needs of the school.

£200 per session  (2 members of Aspire staff)

£1,600 for the full 8 week programme

Cost of Programme
Gaynor Salter at or 01494 445815

Outreach Support

The Outreach Team work across the county supporting students in schools. They are one of the first steps in the process of preventative provision offered by Aspire and they work to help students retain their mainstream school placements.

Outreach is an Early Intervention Service and is best accessed when a student’s behaviour has reached a level where a Pastoral Support Plan (PSP) – or equivalent – is being considered.

Schools can refer pupils who are displaying challenging behaviour, affecting their ability to engage in education. This may be evidenced by an increase in internal exclusions, poor attendance, lack of engagement and poor attitude to learning.

A referral form must be completed before Outreach begins.

These can be completed by:

  • Head of Year
  • Key Stage Head
  • Senco

The referral form must be signed by the school and parent/carer.

Referral to Outreach should only be considered following a range of school interventions that have not effected the desired change, such as;

  • Meetings / conversations with students to reinforce school expectations and behaviour policy
  • Parental meetings
  • Referrals to appropriate external agencies, such as CAMHS, EP service, school counsellor, etc.
  • Reinforcement of the school’s anti-bullying and anti-harassment policies
  • Rewards based interventions, SMART targets with reminders and rewards
  • Mentoring and/or Peer Support e.g. buddy system, peer counseling
  • Use of Positive Action Plans and Reports, Subject / year leader report
  • Raised staff awareness of importance of consistency in rewards and sanctions
  • Introduction of Learning Support in specific lessons

The team offer students the following:

  • Anger Management
  • Solution focused discussion
  • Cognitive behavioural techniques
  • Listening skills
  • Raising self-esteem
  • Coping strategies
  • Social Skills
  • Mediation

The Outreach Team work closely with staff in schools, monitoring the student’s progress, formalising provision and liaising between the school and other Aspire provision. It is through this process that further support can be accessed, if required, for the student.

The team offer the following to schools:

  • Weekly one-to-one support for referred pupils
  • Advice to school staff
  • Lesson observation and feedback
  • Attendance at multi agency meetings
  • Attendance at RIG/MM meetings
  • Liaison between school and PRU
  • Reports on pupils when requested
  • Small group work

Gaynor Salter at or 01494 445815

One-day Prevention Programme

One day Prevention Programme at Aspire with groups of 6 students

Outline of Programme
This one-day programme runs for 8 weeks, and provides intensive intervention for students whose behaviour and lack of engagement is causing concern at school. The programme is based at Aspire and its emphasis is on providing students with the skills to maintain their placement at their mainstream school.

Students on this programme may have accessed Outreach and may benefit from more intensive support outside the school setting.

Desired  Outcomes
Student re-engagement with learning and the mainstream environment. A greater awareness on behalf of the student on managing their ‘triggers’ and finding strategies to communicate and deal with the issues and anxieties they may face.

Required Involvement From Schools
An initial meeting will be held with the school, student and parent, outlining the aims and expectations of the programme. Data and feedback will also be agreed at that meeting so that the impact of the programme can be evaluated.

Cost of Programme
£43 per day

Gaynor Salter at or 01494 445815

12 Week Re-engagement Programme KS3

12 week full-time Re-engagement Programme for KS3 Students

Outline Of Programme
This is a full-time programme for Key Stage 3 students who are at risk of permanent exclusion and runs for 12 weeks. It provides intensive intervention for students whose behaviour and lack of engagement is causing concern at school. The curriculum is rooted in developing character skills – creativity, confidence, collaboration, communication, commitment (perseverance and grit), curiosity, and craftsmanship. Our aim is to increase resilience in disengaged, vulnerable KS3 students and equip them with the character skills necessary to succeed in mainstream school and beyond. In addition to Maths and English lessons, our themed learning approach ensures ample chances for developing literacy and numeracy skills. We offer anger management support and use reflective journals in mentoring sessions. There is also an emphasis on high quality outdoor learning to benefit students’ physical development; emotional and mental health; well being and societal development. We work holistically and we involve the family in the process of character development.

Desired Outcomes
Student re-engagement with learning and successful reintegration into an appropriate school.

Required Involvement From Schools
An initial referral meeting will be held with the school, student and parent, outlining the aims and expectations of the programme. Schools will need to provide relevant assessment data and EHC plans. Midway through the programme will be a review meeting to discuss progress and the reintegration process, which can be agreed, if appropriate, on a gradual basis to ease the transition. Staff from the Aspire outreach team will support the reintegration, while staff members from each school liaise to ensure supporting strategies can be put in place.

Cost of Programme
£21.50 per day (during 12 week programme)
£43 per day (after 12 weeks)

Gaynor Salter at or 01494 445815

School Engagement Programme

Outline Of Programme
Up to 2 days provision, including vocational learning and core subject support, for years 9-11. This provision could be used by schools to enhance their curriculum offer, as well as being used to help support individual student engagement in education.

Desired Outcomes
To provide pupils with a practical and vocational alternative curriculum offer that will help ensure they progress in Post-16 education or training and do not become NEET.

Required Involvement From Schools
Referral form to be completed along with any relevant updates throughout their time at Aspire.

Cost of Programme
£21.50 per day

Gaynor Salter at or 01494 445815


Placement for KS3 & 4 students

Outline Of Programme
Part – time or full time placement is available at Aspire for students at risk of permanent exclusion. These days could complement the School Engagement Programme.

Our KS3 Offer

We offer a bespoke curriculum to motivate and engage all our students, which includes core subjects, humanities, PE, PSHE, art, and mentoring.

Our KS4 Offer

We offer a variety of courses delivering both formal qualifications and personal development packages for all secondary phases. We create a tailored curriculum for all our students, which includes core, PE, PSHE, mentoring and a range of options.  Work experience is also an option and is arranged on an individual basis.

Desired Outcomes
Continued engagement with education and the skills to succeed in life beyond school.

A range of qualifications, enabling access to education, employment and training.

Required Involvement From Schools
Ongoing communication regarding progress and behaviour.

Cost of Programme
£43 per day

Gaynor Salter at or 01494 445815