Academy Trust

Members of Aspire Schools Multi Academy Trust 

Elizabeth Hutton

Geralyn Wilson

James Boylan

Trustees of Aspire Schools Multi Academy Trust

Elizabeth Hutton  (Chair of Trustees )

Mark Shaw (Vice Chair of Trustees)

Debra Rutley (Head Teacher & Accounting Officer)

Geralyn Wilson

Fiona Bowers

Jonathan Fletcher

Rachel Smith

Sharon Jarrett

John Avery

Hannah Eley

Other Non-Voting Officials of Aspire Schools Multi Academy Trust

Martin Keen, Chief Financial Officer and Company Secretary

Cathy Cochran, Clerk to Board of Trustees

Raj Sihera, School Business Manager

For further details of the Members and Trustees, and their attendance information, please click here.

To contact Elizabeth Hutton  (Chair of Trustees ) please email



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